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APPLICLE Voice Mail PBX Phone System

Connects up to six telephone lines to a total of eight physical extensions and fifteen virtual extensions

Physical lines and extensions are expendable to 24 incoming lines and  32 physical extensions by adding additional PBX Box

Virtual extensions are expandable by adding optional voice vault card

Voice Mail with nine private mailboxes and user-friendly automated attendant are built-in as standard features which includes day/night auto greeting

Allows users to mix our BizTouch feature phones with conventional analog, corded and cordless phones

Enables users to use any remote telephone as if it were directly connected to the Applicle System

Voice mail notification intercom paging system music on hold remote access and more.

  APPLICLE VoIP broadband phone systems for business that can save you up to 70% of your corporate communication cost including:

The 8000 series is the fully-featured IP PBX for small businesses. Connected by up to four FXO lines to the PSTN and over Ethernet to the Internet for using VoIP providers.  The 8000 series supports 36 extensions that can use the fully featured Biztouch IP phones or other SIP compliant device.  In addition, all extensions may have multiple phones registered to it.  This will allow you to have a phone at your desk and a one you bring with you when traveling.  Wherever you are, calls will reach you, and you will be able to make calls as if you were in your office.

It offers a multitude of features including extensive PBX functionality, integrated voicemail, automated attendant, hunt groups, agent groups, music on hold, intercom and paging.  Advanced PBX features include cell phone integration, call barge-in, listen-in, and teaching mode.

Supports several protocols to keep your phone calls secure.  TLS, SIPS, and SRTP are all supported.  Managing the system can also be secured by using https.

IP PBX connects a small business to VoIP Carriers that use the SIP standard.  You can also use 3rd party SIP phones and gateways with the 8000.