APPLICLE CRM / ERP / POS/ SCM Business Application Software

The world-class global leading Business Application Software specially designed for today's fast changing global market place and able to fit in to any business sizes; Small. Medium and Large Enterprises. It's a Stable, Flexible, Scalable, Customizable, Features Rich software which contains the world most demanded solutions:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning)
POS (Point-Of-Sales) for Retail store
SCM (Supply Chain Management)

This software providing functionality which is currently unbeatable by other Business Application Software. This software has inherited and enhanced the unique characteristics of Global Leading ERP & CRM Business Applications which has history trace back to 1980 when this software was initial started and use by World No. 1 and largest Tire Manufacturer GOOD YEAR for its worldwide tire retailers in 2000. This software is design for

  • Multi-OS: Having been developed in Java is able to run on most Platforms and Operating systems.

  • Multi-Language: Having all menus, tabs and help files in open, XML format makes the translation of the software in many languages a task accomplished easily without the need to have Java development skills. This, along with Multi-Organization makes this software especially attractive for exporting companies.

  • Multi-Accounting: It supports Multi-Currency, Multi-Tax, Multi-Costing and having easily imported Accounting Schemas through simple MS Excel files, and being able to use multiple Schemas, makes this software especially suited to the multi-national environment and company that has multiple locations.

  • Multi-Organization: This software can have multiple branch offices and companies in one single installation, making it especially attractive in large franchises.

Thus, this software can be customized to suit any vertical markets and industries such as Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail Chains, Wholesales, Service Industries and others.

This software is able to manage: sales, web store, customer service, customer history and marketing/promotion (CRM); Manufacturing Process, Purchasing, Materials Management, Order Management, Employees Management and Global Financial Management (ERP); Point-Of-Sales for retail store to process order by computerize cash register with or without touch screen monitor, manage inventory, track customers, process credit cards and gift cards (POS): Managing movement and storage of raw materials, Work-in-process inventory, finished goods from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption. managing  supplier relationships and controlling associated business processes (SCM).

Why wait? be part of it, this software has been downloaded more than 1,000,000/1 million copies and operating sound and stable in many small, medium and large enterprises / companies.

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